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Top PPC Management Company- Frequently Asked Questions

How do you differentiate between the various companies offering PPC management and optimisation services? Invariably they’re not all the same but how do you know which questions to ask, and what are the right answers. There are numerous questions that could be asked however the following list should give you a good indication.

Q1 – How do you manage the Google Quality Score?

The quality score is based upon keyword, ad text and landing page relevance. The key is to have smaller tightly knit ad groups with fewer keywords such that ad text can be more targeted. This increases click through rates which, in turn, increases quality score. The main keywords should also be included within the landing pages (although not too often) to further increase relevancy and conversions.

Q2 – What will be the first step when taking over the account?

A good strategy is to see if there is anything that needs to be fixed immediately such as incorrect settings, disapproved ad’s, etc. The account may also need to be restructured however this has to be done carefully to protect existing quality scores and any account history. Visit usĀ top ppc management company

Q3 – What kind of reporting will be provided?

Essentially any reports required. As a minimum, a monthly summary report detailing work completed together with an analysis of the account statistics and trending. Reports can be generated more frequently however these take time away from managing the account so a balance needs to be reached.

Q4 – Will I still have access to the PPC accounts?

Yes you should, although please bare in mind that if you appoint a PPC company to manage your accounts you should only use this to monitor the accounts and not make any changes – this could easily upset any testing that may be in place.

Q5 – Who owns the PPC accounts?

You do, the PPC account is in your name and is usually billed direct to you so you retain access at all times. The information contained within the PPC account is an invaluable source of information for sales and marketing purposes and so should be retained at all times.

Q6 – Is the PPC Company AdWords Qualified?

PPC advertising relies upon a great deal of trust therefore the people working on your account should be qualified. This can either be an Individual Qualification or a Company Qualification and can be easily checked via the Google website.

Q7 – What kind of testing will be done?

New text ad’s should be tested on a regular using different titles, calls-to-action and benefits to see which message gets the highest click through and conversion rates. Different landing pages should also be tested although this is likely to outside the standard PPC management remit.

Q8 – What is your bidding and budget strategy?

This is different for every client and it’s essential that key objectives are established at an early stage.

For example, ad scheduling may suit some clients who choose not to display ad’s when their offices are closed. Alternatively, for another client it may be important to remain in the top 3 positions 24/7 for branding purposes. The overall goal however should be to achieve the maximum level of qualified traffic within the budget whilst minimizing the cost per conversion.

Q9 – Does the company information obtained remain confidential?

Information obtained during the PPC management process is highly confidential and should be taken very seriously. A non-disclosure agreement (NDA) signed by both parties is highly recommended although this may be subject to contract.

Q10 – How can I be sure all potential opportunities for improvement are being taken?

PPC marketing is a constant process of tuning and refinement. In addition, the search engines introduce changes at various intervals which modify the way they operate. A good PPC company will keep up to date with all the various changes via forums, blogs, etc. In addition, they should have direct contact with Google, Yahoo and MSN representatives to provide assistance and advice as required.

Not all PPC firms will have the same answers however the more reputable ones should be generally the same. One of the most important aspects of PPC management is transparency. A good PPC company should be willing to share information with you about what they’re doing on a regular basis. Also, sending bi-weekly or monthly reports not only helps track your progress, but also allows the PPC company to track their success as well!!